Crash and Burn, An Existentialist Lesson, and Studio City Rehab


Pretending I have access to sun and digitizing my random thoughts. Me, in bed, Studio City Rehab. 05/04/24


To the awesome nurses at Studio City Rehab, Happy Nurse Appreciation Day and here is a poem for you written by an  AI

An AI writes a poem for nurses at Studio City Rehab.

My Prompt to ChatGTP:   write a poem of appreciation to nurses at Studio City Rehab in honor of Nurse Appreciation day
ChatGPT wrote:

In Studio City Rehab  halls where hope abounds, A silent hero’s melody resounds. In each tender touch and caring gaze, Nurses weave compassion through their days.

With hearts that echo empathy’s call, They stand as beacons, never to fall. In Studio City Rehab’s haven, they ignite, A flame of comfort in the darkest night.

Their hands, like angels, heal the pain, In every loss, they find the gain. With grace they tread, where others fear, Guiding souls through trials severe.

In honor of these guardians, we sing, Their praises soar on gratitude’s wing. For every sacrifice, every gentle smile, They make our burdens light for a while.

So, to the nurses of Studio City’s care, We offer thanks beyond compare.

On this day of honor, let it be known, Your dedication in our hearts is eternally sown.

Update: Newer UPDATE! (dinner, 05/07/24)  They gave me fish on a vegetarian diet.  It has been so noted for days…and even today on paper fish, no meat..

5/7/24.  Many Thanks to person from kitchen..(Dietitian?) who came and asked me questions about the food and diet and wow! dinner reflected his response. It was great – veggies, fruit, chickpea soup, then next meal, a creamy tomato soup and more good stuff with nutrition and flavor.  The meals now reflect a more healing environment.

and again – to the angels that exist here – wow – what a difference you make in life here. Can you talk to your peers?  and thanks Mabel, (director of Nursing) for responding to my email and yes, I was informed you came by and I was asleep.)

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Irony to self: The intro page of this site describes, you, me, all of us  as self driving vehicles as we journey. This  self driving vehicle that is me, crashed.  Life with new message: welcome to change and pain.


What is Healing?

My definition: The process of returning to that place of equilibrium where  we are in balance and harmony with self and others.  I believe we are self healing machines and agree with what Bruce Lipton, PhD cell biologist,  has to say in his book The Biology of Belief, a study of epigenetics. (Your genes are not your destiny – change the cell culture and the cell changes, change your belief and you change.)

Sometimes we need to get some help to make all of the above happen. Context is all.

First an  injury. For me, now,  a fractured femur.   Me, fallen on the ground, in a parking garage, night time. Unable to move. I am dependent upon the kindness of strangers. TY to the unknown man who called 911, gave me his blue pillow and waited with me.  I have come to learn a fractured femur is a very painful situation. I am exploring the nature of healing to deal.

Healing is a helper that comes to you, that makes a difference.  I will delve into that more. I have met some here.

What does AI say about healing? I asked ChatGPT about the role of heat in healing because I am surprised it is not used, discussed, offered at this rehab.

So here is artificial intelligence on the topic:

Heat plays a significant role in the healing process of bone injuries through various mechanisms:

1. **Increased Blood Flow**: Heat application causes blood vessels to dilate, leading to increased blood flow to the injured area. This increased circulation delivers more oxygen, nutrients, and immune cells to the site of injury, which is essential for the healing process.

2. **Accelerated Metabolic Rate**: Heat can increase the metabolic rate of cells involved in bone repair, such as osteoblasts (bone-forming cells) and osteoclasts (bone-resorbing cells). This acceleration can enhance the production of new bone tissue and the removal of damaged or dead bone cells.

3. **Relaxation of Muscles**: Heat application can help relax the muscles surrounding the injured bone, reducing tension and promoting better alignment of the bone fragments. This can be particularly beneficial in cases of fractures or dislocations where muscle spasms or tightness may impede healing.

4. **Pain Relief**: Heat has analgesic (pain-relieving) properties that can alleviate discomfort associated with bone injuries. By stimulating sensory receptors and reducing nerve sensitivity, heat therapy can help decrease pain perception, allowing patients to better tolerate the healing process.

5. **Facilitation of Soft Tissue Healing**: In addition to promoting bone healing, heat can also aid in the recovery of soft tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, and muscles, which are often affected in conjunction with bone injuries. Improved blood flow and muscle relaxation contribute to the repair and regeneration of these structures.

Excessive heat or prolonged exposure may lead to tissue damage or interfere with the natural healing process. Additionally, the timing and duration of heat therapy may vary depending on the type and severity of the bone injury, so individualized treatment plans are necessary for optimal outcomes.

First, let me make clear healing is not potato chips with a side of grilled cheese for lunch. (Yes, it began as whole sandwich.)

Food is life, and I am having a hard time finding that philosophy here,  one small but very fresh and very green salad to the exception. (Thanks to whomever did that for me.)

It is no surprise to many the food is bad here.  I however have been surprised. I would have thought more effort would have been put into the needs of people, elderly, sick, unable to move, in pain. There appears to be no consideration to vegetables, lentils, beans, salad greens, beets, sweet potato, garlic, whole wheat bread. They make cells happy as tissue repairs, which calms one down and then we get those lovely neuropeptides that make us feel good. And we heal faster.

Healing here could be facilitated by having the staff feel less threatened by management it appears.  The default answers here are”I don’t know.” It’s policy.” I’ll get to it.” ‘I have to ask.” “Turn on your light.”  For the patients an explanation of level of staff and who can do what and how can one find someone,  how can I communicate and to whom should it be  should be done. (“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”  Why is there no patient advocate? No assistant patient advocate?)

Why does this place feel like the corner of chaos and apathy?

Why has the staff not been told the mask mandate for health settings was removed Feb 2, 2024?  Why is everyone told there is a covid outbreak so all activities are cancelled? Upon checking the data on for this zip code I find the cases re lowest they have been win months as is transmission rate. There simply is no outbreak that I could find and data for this place shows no problem.


Fractured femur, post surgery, 6 days. This is opposite side of thigh from scar which has its own smaller patch of markings.



This is a personal, painful journey. Maybe that is a lesson – find the core that holds up the broken parts of life.  I’m reading the rights of patients here. It is so easy to write them, why so difficult to bring them to the person in pain.

Healing is a reversal of the pyramid: the patient must be put over profit at some point or cruelty reigns.  Why am I forced to airdry laundry I hand washed? Not that the task is beneath me, it is that I am in pain and want to heal.  Washing, drying, finding the light switches, what the procedures are for contacting a nurse or helper..Who are they? Where are they?

This is exhausting. Many thanks to the bright angels that do exist here, I stand in awe and honor. Thanks.

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