Kid Stories

So you don't forget what you were too young to remember.

The place: South Strafford, Vermont.  The scene:  Josh, age 5,  riding in the car with me.  He asks,  “Can we buy some chewing gum? ”  Me: “No.”  Josh: “How come we are so poor we can’t afford gum?”

The place:   80J Escondido Village,  Stanford Grad Student housing, time: about 10:00 pm.  Hallie, age 6,  descends the stairs because of the loud commotion by the front door.  It is me, fighting off Paul who is trying to pin me down.   Hallie with thumb in mouth,  a whole lot of serious concern and insight watches from the stairs and barely audible  says,  “Shall I call Casa de las Madres?”

The place: One block from Escondido Elementary School.  Hallie and Josh both:  “Stop here. Don’t let anyone see us in this car.”

That takes us here:  Parking lot in front of Escondido Village.  I see Eileen’s mother who is visiting from NY.  I complain about my wreck of a car. She asks, “Does it start?”  I say yes. She asks if it stops. I say yes. She says, “That’s all you need.”  I remember this lesson over the years and hold it close to my heart.


South Strafford, Vermont, driving down Main Street with Josh, age 4 .  He asks: “Are you going to get married again?” Me: “I have to find a guy first.” Two minutes later, arm pointed to sidewalk, Josh says, “There’s one.” Fast forward and we have swipe to the right. Is the dating app world any different than the method of my 4 year old?



California, Hallie: “Do you like Halliemark (aka Hallie’s art and cards)  as well as Hallmark?” Me: “I like it better.”  Hallie: “Maybe I can inspire Hallmark to do better.”  (Go for it!  Gotta love the confidence. I sure did.)
Meanwhile, a reminder to every parent: You are never really in charge and you are always carefully watched for any and all pathways to “See you aren’t perfect.”  Yes, I have noticed and life reminds me 🙂
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